When you are suffering from TMJD, it might be difficult for you to concentrate on your daily activities. It can be a confusing and stressful condition to deal with, given the fact that it does not only cause joint and facial distress but affects different areas of your body such as the teeth, throat, neck, shoulders, back, eyes, ears and head and overall posture. Lethargy, obesity, anxiety, stress, migraines, panic, and depression are all by-products of this not-so-well-known disorder. 

You must be wondering, whom should I visit if I experience pain in TMJ joint? Just like you would visit an ENT specialist when you have an earache or throat pain, you need to visit a TMJ specialist to combat the complex and complicated TMD. When it comes to TMD treatment, you need to consult a TMJ specialist specifically and not just any dentist. Though dentists can understand the anatomy of the jaw and diagnose an improper bite, they are not specialists to understand the underlying causes for the misaligned jaw structure and the treatment options to correct the root cause. The maximum your dentist might do is give you a bruxism device and hope it solves the problem, but they lack the experience and knowledge possessed by a TMJ specialist to permanently rid you of your pain. End result? The wrong treatment can actually worsen your condition and lead to lifetime suffering. 

It is important that before you go for a TMD consultation, you do some thorough research and background check of the TMJ specialist. The right doctor is the first step towards permanent cure. Read on to understand how you should choose the best TMJ specialist for you.


TMJ specialist


Make sure your TMJ specialist has undergone the necessary certificate courses and trainings related to TMJD treatment. You can directly ask them their educational qualifications specific to TMJ and the number of years they have been in this particular field. There are several philosophies in TMJ treatment, some of which are conflicting with one another. It is wise to choose a TMJ specialist who is not biased and has experience and knowledge of all TMJ philosophies. Every patient is different and it is not necessary that what worked on one patient will work on the other. 

We recommend choosing a TMJ specialist who has multiple credentials and trained under multiple acclaimed training programs. 



You must find a TMJ specialist who has devoted several years in upgrading their knowledge and are also specialized in treating and managing TMJD patients. A general dentist or a cosmetic dentist lack the knowledge and skill set to manage such a complex condition.


Ask questions and gain knowledge 

TMJ treatment usually involves improving the harmony between the jaw muscles, the TMJ and the teeth.  Sometimes your doctor might suggest wearing a custom made orthotic to relieve jaw pain and improve the misaligned jaw situation, or adjust the teeth to correct the imbalance bite. Your treatment might be single phased or multiple phased depending on your severity, causes and complexity. It is your life at stake and you have all the rights to ask questions and clear all doubts regarding your condition and treatment. Ask the specialist which treatment will best suit you, how long will the treatment take, how much would it cost and which methods will be used. We advise you against ‘Googling’ your symptoms and treatment options and directly discussing it with the TMJ specialists at Dental World. Ask your doctor to share some verified and well researched blogs or articles with you for you to gain more insights. Most importantly, trust your doctor. 

Read reviews and testimonials

Like you, there are thousands of other sufferers of this condition, and they too must have visited a TMJ specialist just like you are planning to. Once they’re treatment has begun or has been completed, they must have put an online review to share their experience and present state. Online reviews and testimonials are a great way of finding a TMJ specialist that is trusted and reliable.

Be careful of fake and bought reviews. If you feel that something is too good to be true, it probably is. You will want the reviews to be mostly positive, but there should be less than perfect testimonials too so that you are sure they are legitimate. If possible, try to personally connect with some patients of the TMJ specialist and get first hand information from them, however be respectful of their right to privacy. 

Doctors’ temperament

This is not to say that you must judge a TMJ specialists’ caliber and experience on their nature or behavior. However, since you will be spending a considerable amount of time with them during your appointments, they must be easy to work with, understanding and most importantly compassionate and empathetic. They should be willing to listen to your concerns, offer solutions and not rush through your appointment. 


How should I get started?

Consulting with a TMJ specialist with an outstanding success rate is a good place to start. Dr Kritika Butta at Dental World Superspeciality Clinics  helped thousands of her patients address and overcome TMJ pain. As a Fellow of the International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics (FICCMO), Dr Kritika has excellent track record in diagnosing and treating the underlying reason behind your TMJD. You can see what here patients have to say about her 

So, if you are suspect that you might be suffering from TMJD, schedule an appointment with Dr Kritika today.

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